Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Blogger by The Farrier Himself~#2

**For those of you who don't know my father, let me preface his guest post by saying that he is a jokester, a funny guy, he is the founder of sarcasm. His writing reflects his exuberant personality that he is well known for.

Hey again from the farrier part of The Farrier's Daughter. After shaking and squeezing the creative juices into the form of a rustic bird house, I was shamed into retreat-nary a bird showed interest. It couldn't have been the design. What wouldn't like a dwelling tacked together with horseshoe nails and junk wood? It was time for a change in venue. My granddaughter needed a bird house for her birthday present. We'll see how fussy the nut hatches are in Molalla town.

Image Here

Since our bird feeder is a revolving door of chirps, squawks, beaks and feathers I thought I'd give housing one more try. Shoeing season warms up with the weather so time is short. This project has to be no frills and efficient. A pull of Gatorade from Lindsey's cloth-clad flask (see the shop), fortifies my will and genius triumphs.

Image Here

A chunk of 5" plastic fence with factory cap, a hole, wood base, and boom! I'm done!
It takes longer to refill the flask with Kool Aid than it does to build the bird castle. Site placement takes a little longer, and is thirsty work. Installation time coincides with refilling the flask with apple juice and the job is completed.

Image Here

The chickadees have moved in and the mayor of Birdville has ordered an entire subdivision of houses for friends and family. I'm so excited I'm refilling the flask with non-alcoholic whisky to celebrate. "Don't soil my handiwork," my daughter informs me, "because you are paying for the next flask!" I'm not worried because I'm making my own flask covers out of the rear pocket of my old Wrangler jeans. Her cute, girly flasks are for the birds.

Image Here

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