Thursday, April 26, 2012

Texas Bound

Just a heads up to let everyone know that we won't be filling any orders until May 5th...I'm heading to Texas in hopes of finding sunshine, good times with family, inspiration (so excited to be attending the Country Living Fair), and killer BBQ...lots of BBQ! I plan to have my camera permanently affixed to my body, so watch for lots of photos! Have a great week all!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Flask Giveaway

Hay, Hay, It's a Giveaway!

As I packaged up all of the Cowgirl Canteens to be shipped off to the Kentucky Derby (with the help of my great friend Jess), I thought to myself, celebrities shouldn't be the only ones who get free swag! So it seems the perfect time for a giveaway.

One Free Cowgirl Canteen (flask) of your choice

3 Days, 3 Ways to Win:
(chose as many as you want)

1.)  "like" The Farrier's Daughter on facebook

2.) Visit us on facebook, and "share" the giveaway link on your wall.
(Just be sure to do it via the "share" button so we can get you entered in the Giveaway)

3.)  Mention and link to this Giveaway on your own blog.
(Don't forget to let us know)

Giveaway will end Monday night at 9pm. 
Winner will be selected via random number generator.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T-Shirt Converted to Dress

Since the beginning of the school year, my oldest daughter has been begging me to buy or make her a, "Russian Dress". Two of her best friends in her Kindergarten class are Russian, and often wear the traditional, long, satin dresses. My daughter, being the girly-girl she is, absolutely LOVES them...the little girls, and their dresses!

My response to all of her requests has been something along the lines of, "Sweetie, I don't have a pattern for that style of dress."

Or sometimes, I gave her the more honest response, "Satin is really difficult to sew."

Then, this last weekend, we had a birthday party to attend.
My daughter came to me with a piece of paper with a carefully sketched pattern.               
 I've gotta hand it to my girl...she's got her mama's determination :-)
She wanted me to sew her a long party dress, and I couldn't put it off any longer.

Out to the notorious fabric stash we went.
With a little assistance, she chose the fabrics she wanted, and we were back to the drawing board. 
For my own sanity, we used a plain, fitted t-shirt for the top.

She was dead set on having the, "strips" be part of the dress. To speed up the process, I tried to talk her out of it, but it was, as she reminded me, " the pattern."

When we went outside to take some pictures of her in her new dress,
I was quickly reminded of the importance of those, "strips"!
What little girl wouldn't have fun spinning around in this dress?

she was more than ready to do a little modeling herself.

Today, I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for WIWW.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photoshoot TFD Style

Just recently, my sister and I got together for a little TFD Photoshoot on my parents property. Ideally, we would have had models, hair and makeup artists, and a real photographer...but that's just ideally! What we actually had was a break in the rainy, gloomy weather that still lingers here in the Northwest, a Suburban loaded down with heaps of clothes, and accessories, two little girls running in and out of photos along with a couple of unexpected animals!

Do you see what I mean???
That is my sister's dog, Daphne.
Daphne, apparently, loves Cowgirl Canteens too!

 (ps-those are not my buns nor my hands)

Now, if you are thinking that my baby sister and I are the type to just get together and take pictures of ourselves for fun, you should think again.
We hate it actually, but (haha, no pun intended), I am in the middle of designing a new website for 
The Farrier's Daughter (Can I get a woot woot?!?!), and I needed images.

Stay tuned for the big reveal....

(this however, is much easier when you don't look at the camera)

Until then, these are a few teaser photos of our hard day's work.
Lots of Cowboy Boots, Dresses, Denim, and Flasks of course!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Minnetonka Boots Review

You might remember this post, where I mentioned the Minnetonka fringe boots...
Ok, so I actually made it public that they were on my Christmas list.
Any who, my MIL took me up on my hint-dropping and guess what I got?
That's right, she got me the gray Minnetonkas!
Thanks Nona!
Now that I've had some time to wear them, I wanted to give a quick know, in case you were thinking about telling the world you wanted them on your blog ;-) 

Let's start with the Pros:
Absolutely Adorable.
Great shade of Gray.
Super Comfy.

And now for the Cons:
The shaft is itty bitty! 
As you can see, I am what I like to call a, "healthy" girl.
I have never had chicken legs, and I am most certain that I never will. 
Falling instantly in love with the boots, I thought, 
"No worries, I'll just get a half size bigger."
Minnetonka boots don't come in half sizes.
I was, however, determined to keep the boots, I have just been slowly stretching them out as I wear them. 
Because they are so tight on my calf, I am limited to wearing leggings with them, but they are so cute, that it's okay with me.

Today I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for

Top: TJ Maxx
Batwing Sweater: Ebay
Mini Skirt to cover my (caboose): Made by Me
Leggings: Ross
Minnetonka Boots: Nordstrom
Cuff Bracelet with Bling: Local Boutique (also from my MIL-she's a good gifter!)


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