Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kentucky Derby

Years ago, when I decided I wanted to start my own business, I reached out to a local gal who seemed successful in the arena of vintage home decor. Having a mentor is something that all of the websites, books and blog suggested. Unfortunately, my experience was a very negative one. 


Fast forward to this past week, when I mustered up the courage to reach out once again. I sent an email to another woman-owned business who has had a lot of success with advertising lately. 
This business is run by a mother-daughter duo that makes some Wonderful jewelry...they go by the name of Horsefeathers.
Upon receiving my email, Chelsea quickly responded with a southern belle kindness, and a slew of helpful information!
One of Chelsea's suggestions was that I look into participating in the Kentucky Derby Celebrity Gift Bag.


Thank You Chelsea!
I took your advice, and as a result,

Celebrities attending the Kentucky Derby will now be receiving Cowgirl Canteens™ in their bag of treats!

Last year, Miss Miranda Lambert (who I adore) was in attendance with some of her best friends for her
Bachelorette Party! 

What a great idea!

This year, in honor of my big news, the hubby and I will be hosting a Derby Party of our own!

And one of these days, maybe I will be lucky enough to attend the Kentucky Derby myself.
I mean, it's really a perfect fit...
Horses & Fashion
Sign me Up!

In honor of our Kentucky Derby Party,
I will be making my own Derby Hat, and asking guests to do the same.

As for the race...
The Farrier's Daughter not so Expert Pick
for the race well known as 
The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports...
I'll Have Another and his jockey, Mario Gutierrez

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stop Bullying, Start Talking

 A few days ago, someone left an anonymous comment on my blog.
When I read it to myself, all I could think was how happy I was that I had adjusted my setting to, 
"approve comments before publishing".

You see, it was not a kind comment. 
It was rude, distasteful, and immature.

My first thought was to do as my Mother had always suggested and ignore it.
However, if you know me at all, you'd know that wasn't going to happen!

So here I am dedicating an entire post to the "Anonymous" comment-er, and anyone else who finds joy in being rude and hurtful to others...
Welcome Haters (but just for today).

The same day I received this infamous comment, I spoke to my sister on the phone.
She is a CNA at the hospital and was on break.
During our conversation, she informed me that she was working one-on-one with a young girl who had attempted suicide as a result of bullying, mostly cyber-bullying! 

My mind automatically thought of another young, local girl who recently committed suicide due to bullying.
And as I sat giving the bullying subject some real thought, I felt overwhelmed with desire to have a talk with my own daughter. She is only 6 years old, but boy, what a talk we had! 
It was amazing!

Have you had the talk with your child? 
You know, about bullying, being bullied, and just plain being nice?
Unfortunately, I think it's one of those things that doesn't get talked about until it is too late.

So here's what I've done...
I created some simple, "be nice" graphics out of some of my favorite reminders.
I encourage you to share them wherever you can.
Facebook, Your Home, School, Pinterest...just spread the nice!

In the words of Bud Light 
(and it's Real Men of Ignorance)
Today we salute to you,
Mr. Mean Comment-er Guy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Gift Ideas for your Wife

My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years now.
In those 10 years, I have found that he sometimes needs a little assistance in the gifting department.
(Sorry babe, just a little observation.)

So, for all of you men out there who are asking,
What do I get my wife for Easter?

Let The Farrier's Daughter help you out this spring, 
and hook her up with a new Cowgirl Canteen!

What is Cowgirl Canteen you ask?

It is an adorable 8oz stainless hip flask that comes with a removable fabric cover.
There are many styles to choose from in my shop, and you still have time to order one before Easter!
Just head on over to my online store...

When would she actually use this (it's gotta be practical right guys)?
Ladies night out, Soccer games, Concerts, Rodeos, Bunko, the possibilities are endless!

Ok, now for the funny part...

Let me start by saying
No animals were harmed in this photo shoot!

This is what happens when you use live (unpredictable) animals in a photo shoot.

Meet Fran the Frizzle Cochin chick.
If you look close you will see more than lots of color, a cute chick, and a super cute flask....
Yes, Fran had a little accident while at work.

I hope that you too can find the humor in this...
I just can't get over how Fran is like, 
"What did I do?"

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more hilarious...
She looks over her shoulder and says,
"Did I do that?"

Hope you got a good laugh out of this!
And hope you have a Wonderful Easter!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest Blogger by The Farrier Himself #3

Howdy, from the creator of the farrier's daughter. The farrier and his wife created the person; not the business, 31 years ago. I like to take credit for my daughter's early exposure to the arts. However, some of the lessons were vivid, painful and accidental!

From about 4-6 years of age Lindsey was my traveling partner. She rode shotgun as we traveled from stable to stable, shoeing and trimming everything from draft horses to minis. She spent her days on the cover of my work truck's service body. She was safely perched, center stage, surrounded by coloring books, Breyer horses and a treat filled lunch box.

Early on she knew the difference between a pritchel and pull-off, a filly and a colt, and a cribber and a windsucker. She also learned that not everyone laughed at Dad's jokes and stories and when a horse bit or kicked, Dad sometimes forgot to say heck, darn, or shoot! She learned that sweat on the ground meant green in the pocket and that green in the pocket meant lunch of her choosing. She knew that an Arab is a breed of horse and an anvil is a heavy, pointy thing you shape shoes on.

We incorporated art education into our schedule as well. We were shoeing on Orchard Heights Road for a unique, colorful, female client named Moonbeam, Starlight, or Rainbow...something along those lines. Her horse was a well behave Quarter Horse Mare with great feet. The chit-chat was flowing under the warm summer sun, and I knew that every month the horse owner had more ink applied to her ongoing tattoo...portions of which were visible on her neck and arms. When I asked how the tat was progressing, she proudly lifted her shirt to show us! It was a dragon or peacock, multi-colored, and extensive...very artsy. Certain items the ink didn't cover, and the gal could care less. Lindsey's eyes bugged out of her head, and I heard the words every father fears, "Dad, I'm telling Mom!" The kid couldn't remember her coat or shoes but took this story home.

Lindsey's exposure to the arts was stimulated and carries on to this day. Oh the punishment a Dad will endure for his daughter's education in artistic expression!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TFD Photoshoot~Cowboy Boots & Petticoats

Back in 2010, we did a little photo shoot for The Farrier's Daughter.
I was planning an event and needed some photographs for the flier. 

With a little (ok, A LOT, of help from family), we got some pretty good shots that I never got around to sharing.....well, until now any way. 

 Rebecca, my model, was sporting a vintage petticoat, cowboy boots, a simple tank with loose fitting rhinestone belt, and a straw hat to top it off the look.

A little family photo fun as we wrapped things up.
From Left to Right...
My sister Darcie, nephew Wyatt, his mama (and TFD model) Rebecca, my oldest daughter Raegen, my sweet southern mama Vicki, Myself, and my baby Reese!

Looking for a fun new way to wear your favorite pair of boots? 
Try pairing them with a pettiskirt!

We had sooo much fun! Looking forward to this snow passing and some sunny days so that we can have another shoot soon.

Maybe this time, I won't take 2 years to share.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Color Board~Living Room Inspiration

If you remember my Living Room from this post, then you know that upon moving into our 3-year-long remodel/rebuild, I was drained of all energy, and just plopped furniture (finished or not) into place.

I have slowly been trying to tackle one room at a time...decorating, finishing projects, and beautifying.
I will admit that my Living Room has me stumped....which is odd for me, because I almost always have a vision for how things, "will be someday".

Trying to decorate on a tight budget, and use what you have introduces new challenges to the design process.
In my space, I have one piece of furniture that is limited to change (for me, an antique sofa).
I suggest removing all "questionable" elements from the room. In my case, I am only leaving the sofa behind...everything else is fair game to either change or eliminate from the room. 

Once you have a blank slate, I suggest coming up with a color pallet.
Not sure how?
Here is what I do....
Find something I love. I like to scroll the isles of scrapbooking paper at Craft Warehouse. I also like to use fabric, but the possibilities are endless!

Once I have decided on the perfect inspiration piece, I scan it into my computer, open the file in Photoshop, and start extracting color with the eyedropper tool.

Hopefully my space will be finished soon and I can share pictures.
Here's a little hint of what is to come...that's my color board above!


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