Monday, June 27, 2011

Serendipity...A New Place to Find Flasks For Women

The Farrier's Daughter is happy to announce...
Cowgirl Canteens™
can now be found at Serendipity in Bend, Oregon's
Old Mill District

Serendipity is shop that is bursting at the seams with cuteness!
With a tasteful mix of cards, and gifts, this place is perfect for one-stop-gift-shopping!
As if that weren't enough, the shop owners are the sweetest gals you could ever hope to meet.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gifts for...Weddings, Bachelorette Party, Bridesmaids, Graduation, 21st Birthday

Looking for a unique gift idea?
As summer gets underway, gift-giving seems to heat up with the good weather.
If you are looking for a unique, handcrafted gift this summer, be sure to check out the Cowgirl Canteens™. New designs will be in the shop soon! Just click the big pink cash register to the right!
(these beauties just found themselves new homes with a rowdy bachelorette party-have fun ladies!)

Cowgirl Canteens™ are stainless steel hip flasks are covered with removable fabric sleeves for easy filling and washing. They are the perfect wedding, bachelorette party, bridesmaid, graduation, and/or 21st Birthday Gift!


Friday, June 17, 2011

A Father's Day Project

I am not sure of the exact year that my father decided to torture me in this bee-ridden clover field, but I remember the day like it was just yesterday!
As a youngin', I didn't go to daycare...nope, I traveled the road with my dad as he drove from barn to barn shoeing horses, and trimming hooves.
From these experiences, I learned the gift-of gab-from my old man, and grew accustomed to roaming the roads.
With an artists soul, his eyes were always on the hunt for a found object to repurpose, the beauty of a landscape, and in this case...a photo-op!
I left out the pics that show my true feelings about the experience, but let's just say they were not pleasant. I remember being so confused.
Why must I stand in the epicenter of bee heaven?
Years later, and that day still haunts me.
So what do I do the very first time I pass a clover field with both of my beautiful babies in the on hand?????
What any good daughter and mother would do of course!
Out of the car, and right into the field we went.
As you can see, my little ham didn't seem to mind the clover field half as bad as I did.
I will add in my own defense though that there were no bees this time around.
My youngest however, must have a little more of mama in her blood, because I couldn't get a smile out of her to save my life.
So for Father's Day this year, I will be putting a grouping of some of these pics in a frame for my dad, aka Papa.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Luke's Local Artists

It is Thursday and I have finally recovered from Luke's Local Artists!
While doing so, I completely missed Welcome Home Wednesday this week, and I am so sorry, but to make up for it I have lots of pics from this wonderful event that I was honored to have been part of.
In honor of a Luke Jensen,
people came together to enjoy art, live music, and friends as they helped raise awareness for some very special organizations.
Written by the wise Luke Jensen, this was just one of the many things on display that Luke's loving family shared.

I have to admit that for the first time ever, I started to second guess my style and setup as I gazed out at the Beverly Hillbilly-looking load in the back of the truck.

Being amidst some very talented, traditional artists, I worried that I may stand out...and I did. However; in the end, I think it was in a good way.
After entering the building and walking down a wide hallway, the building opened up to a big room where the stage was setup for the band, and I was directly off to the left.
I wanted to define my space, but still allow people to see in, so I put up this old fence and went for the, "gypsy cowgirl abandoned her bike on the side of the road" look.
Loved the "Release Your Inner Cowgirl" guitar case!
I just spray painted an old case, then took a sharpie to the front.
This antique frame, turned cork board is another fave.
The main fabric for this is actually from an old box spring mattress I found while out junking with my sister! I had no clue what I would do with it, but I was in love with the fabric so it came home with me.
I had a few Hillbilly Headbands™ up for grabs, along with my Cowgirl Canteens™, and some fun, colorful jewelry.
Some one made my day by saying all on her own, no prompting I promise, that it was, "very Anthropologie"!

Our bootlegs were lonely...
Ok, but really ladies, this is how it is done!
The event was held at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center and some of the art was still on the walls. I just so happened to score some beautiful crochet wall art behind my booth!
Looks like it was meant to be huh?
As heavy as it is, I try to pack this little anvil around with me to shows...believe it or not this is mini compared to my Dad's full size anvil.
A funny side note:
While unloading the truck I had set this in the driver's side floorboard. When a city slicker walked by and asked, "Isn't a little hard to drive with an anchor at your feet?"
Hahaha! Gotta love it. Needless to say, I called that guy sailor the rest of the night!
Here I am with my lovely sistas!
(Sister-in-law, Debbie on the left, Me, and my Sister Darcie on the right)
I tried to mix in some natural elements to my booth this time with some wood and river rocks that came from our property.

My oldest brother Ryan, and my sweet hubby showing off their bow ties.
Aren't they handsome?
I volunteered to make the handouts for guests at the door.
Luke's Mom, Vikki shared a day helping me make bow ties for the men and felt flower pins for the ladies.
I know in my teaser leading up to this event I showed a super cool sofa...well I decided not to haul the sofa all of the way to Portland, but I did finish it and wanted to share some "after" pictures:

I am very pleased with it, and look forward to seeing some of the professional pictures that it will be used in.
Danielle of Sweet Country Photography
something is wrong with my computer or maybe blogger, so I can't hyperlink, but the website is

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome Home Wednesday #3

Welcome Back to Our Classy Coop!

How did I choose which room to feature this week?
Welllllll, if I'm being perfectly honest, it's because it was one of the only clean rooms in the house!
As I prepare (ok, more like cram) for Luke's Local Artists, the house is in disarray. This happens every time immediately leading up to an event...
and is a result of my nasty little procrastination habit.
This is the entry to the upstairs bathroom.
The entire upstairs is new construction, as we "went up" to gain more square footage.
The original plan was to simply punch in some stairs and finish the existing attic space.
Like everything else in this project, we had a surprise awaiting us.
As we got into the demo phase, we learned that the ceiling joists were not sitting atop the side walls, but rather tacked into the sides! Eek!
The house with it's (then) current construction would not hold a finished attic, and we would be lucky if it held a heavy snow.
So, off with the roof, and a new second story.
I was terrified that the new construction would look "new". So we stuck with the natural roof line where possible, and added as many old things as we could.
The door to the bathroom is originally from the house and is amazing. The glass is perfectly imperfect with it's dimples, and seeds!
And guests are happy to know that I finally got around to hanging a fabric curtain in the window :-)
The towel rack is one that I made using an old cabinet door, some paint, and fleur de lis knobs.
There was a tall narrow "dead space" that I desperately wanted to have a laundry shoot in, but the HVAC company stole my prime real estate and dropped a huge duct in the way.
So, in front of the duct, our framers built in a wall shelf for towels, tp, and toiletries.
My inspiration for the shower/tub combo was one that I had seen in a Pottery Barn Kids Catalog. Fiberglass surrounds scream new construction to me, so I knew that wasn't an option. It was either the bead board that I really wanted or subway tile as a backup.
Not able to find what I needed at a reasonable price, I had actually already purchased the tile and was ready to dig in...then, Yay, I found some vinyl bead board and trim pieces at Home Depot. Granted, I had called before and been told they didn't have anything of the sort...but that's a different story. They had it, and I am soooo happy!
The sink in the upstairs bathroom is one of my favorite things in the house.
I started off shopping for a wall mount, trough-style, sink. Kohler made some new reproductions that were close to what I was looking for, but the price tag was out of this world, so I kept searching.
At an amazing salvage shop, I found this beauty!
The base and legs were kelly green when we purchased it, but with my sidekick daughter, we gave her a face lift with a quick coat of a soft pink.

I love the fact that there are three faucets...
No more fighting over sink and/or mirror.
Now all we need is one more child :-)

I found the mirrors at Big Lots for about $10 each. They were an ugly gold color, so I hit them with some light pink spray paint.
The main light in the room is a schoolhouse light.
And the lights over the sink were made by my.
I found these copper shades for $2 each at a local Habitat store, and with a little spray paint, stencils, and a pendant kit from Home Depot, we now have lights numbered 1-3!
The flooring is the same black and white hex dot tile from Home Depot that we used in the Laundry Room.
This is one of the only rooms I actually painted white. I wanted the sink to pop, and the room to feel fresh and feminine.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Happens at Farm Chicks....Stays at Farm Chicks

My friend Danielle and I have been dreaming of attending Farm Chicks for years now; and finally, we made it!

And like the sign says, we had FUN!

Not only was the show a first for both of us, it was my first weekend away from my girls....yes, your math is correct, I have not taken more than a night away from them since Raegen was born...5 years ago!

I was nervous, but it was a much-needed trip for me.

We took the advice of so many and ate our 1st dinner out at Chaps.
It was delicious, and the decor was nothing short of perfect for the Farm Chicks crowd.

We planned ahead and upon arriving in Spokane, went directly to the event location where we purchased our tickets for the next morning. This proved to be one of the best decisions ever!
Opening morning of the show, we arrived and walked right past the extremely long lines of people standing in the hot sun waiting to get in...

Once inside, I felt as if I had entered a vintage wonderland.

Great antique and vintage items displayed to entice the swarms of shoppers that hovered over booths like bees ready to enter their hive.

From handmade, to found treasures, and homemade specialty chocolates...

this place had it all!

I tried to snap some quick shots of things that jumped out at me as we walked from booth to booth, but to be perfectly honest, I was so overwhelmed that I could hardly focus on what I even went there in search of.

It may have been in part due to the events that took place the night before, but like I said, "What happens at Farm Chicks, stays at Farm Chicks"!

Which is also why I wont be able to share a story that makes me laugh so hard, I cry a hundred tears each time I tell it :-)

I did manage to pick up some fabulous finds though, and will be sharing them soon.

These flowers were all made of paper!

The artist was the sweetest gal, and could make the most realistic looking flowers.

Something about this is very inspiring to me....gets my wheels turning.

These lights were also the bird overlay on the music sheets.

I was in love with this vendor's setup.


And lastly, this shot was taken at another gorgeous booth, Lipstick Gypsy. A mother with her daughters and cowgirl cuteness bursting at the seams!

This was a wonderful trip, that will definitely become a yearly tradition.


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