Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whiskey Wednesday~Dirty Cowgirl

If you made it through the holiday weekend, crazy family dinners, and Black Friday shopping, then you are sure to be ready for this week's Whiskey Wednesday.

This one comes in shot form, so be sure and have a chaser ready if you are used to sipping.

Dirty Cowgirl
Butterscotch schnapps  
Pendleton Whiskey
Fill your shot with glass 75% butterscotch schnapps.
Top off the remaining 25% with Pendleton Whiskey. 
Bottoms Up!

A lot of the recipes out there call for Irish cream in place of the Pendleton Whiskey, but lets face it, nothin' says cowgirl like Pendleton Whiskey!

This one starts warming you up as it goes down, so be prepared.
And please, please drink responsibly :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Whiskey Wednesday- Girly Drink Recipes for Women

As the holidays approach, I have a vision of the men sitting together in front of the fireplace sipping their whiskey from their short glasses, and the women huddled in the kitchen, drinking wine, and cooking up a storm. Why is it that this happens? Are we divided by our choice of alcohol? Of course not, the conversation had by the fireplace is just not one that is of interest to us ladies...well, not until the whiskey has kicked in anyhow! Or maybe it is because we know that if a bunch of men drinking whiskey were to prepare our family dinner, we would all go hungry :-) If this is you, you can relate to the situation, and you want to mix things up a bit this year...I say, avoid the wine, take a chance, and go for the whiskey! You never know, it may get you out of cooking! Here is a recipe that might help the transition to whiskey go a little smoother.

American Woman Ingredients
1 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey
1/2 oz Creme de Noyaux
1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur
1 oz southern comfort® peach liqueur
ice cubes

add ice to drink shaker
add Bourbon
add Creme de Noyaux
add Southern Comfort
shake well until cold
strain into a cocktail glass

Wishing you all a very 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Western Christmas~ Redmond, Oregon

This past weekend, we took part in a wonderful event in Redmond, Oregon! 
Western Christmas was a shopping experience not to be missed. 
Held just minutes from the Fairgrounds and the Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo, this show is what I like to think of as a smaller scale, Cowboy Christmas that is held in Las Vegas during the NFR. 

Vendors came from near and far to set up shop offering everything from fudge to cowgirl boots!
We opted for a "cabin in the woods" theme for our booth. 
The tin backdrop may look familiar. I've used it in past shows, but decided to chop it down a bit for this one. Would you believe me if I told you that we fit everything in the back of the Suburban?

I built the fireplace mantle out of some scrap wood we had left over from previous projects. 
The horseshoe hangers are courtesy of my father (thanks Dad). 

The plate on the side table ended up getting some cookies for Santa, and in place of the traditional milk, 
we opted for a flask! 
After all, Santa has a long night ahead of him ;-)

Who needs ornaments when you have Cowgirl Canteens on hand?
A few clothespins to hold things in place, and we had ourselves a very colorful tree.

TFD released a new line of women's flasks at this show.
One of my favorites is the Dream Catcher!
A simple background gives an earthy feel, and allows the hand-crochet doily to really stand out.
Metal findings that have been patina-ed and topped with some czech beads.

The hand-painted boot proved to be a hit with shoppers.
Another simple background, only this time, I hand-painted cowboy boots in a cheery turquoise and red.
An antique bronze metal piece has been hand stitched to resemble a spur!

One of the many perks of our booth placement was that we were situated right beside the Contestant Autograph/Voting for Parade of Ponies.
That meant, we got to meet a bunch of adorable little Rodeo Stars, like this gentleman, Grayson.

Shoppers were dressed to impress, literally from head to toe!
So many great fashion statements were made, and 
handbag envy was in full force.

There weren't many opportunities to sit down, but when she did, my sister and World's Best Helper came up with some awesome nail art! 
Haha! Yes, that heart was the bi-product of chipping polish.

Central Oregon was as beautiful as ever.
We stayed in Tumalo, Oregon with my brother and sister-in-law, and this is what they wake up to every morning. An absolutely gorgeous sunrise. A HUGE thank you to my awesome family for all the help and hospitality!
Part of the fun is always in the journey...
Especially when you road trip with your sister!

We found this beauty on the way out of town, and I was in LOVE.
Someday, I will make this dream of owning an old truck a reality, but for now I'll enjoy 
hopping in them when found on the side of the road for a photo opp :-)

Not the greatest representation, but in the new fall line, you will find these Western Shirt inspired flasks.
Keep an eye on the website, as they will be added very soon.

 If you are in the area, and didn't make it this year, you'll have to shoot for Western Christmas 2013.
An extremely well run show, that offered food, drinks, Santa, a fashion show, and Cowboy Church along with over 100 fantastic vendors! Thanks so much to all who had a part in putting such a great show!


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