Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Very Happy Anniversary

May 28, 2005 I married this man...

We have spent the last 6 years on quite an adventure. Between a crazy remodel, two babies, and the stresses of everyday life, we are 6 years strong.

He is my friend, my partner, and my biggest fan.

To celebrate, we spent a day with just the two of us (something that doesn't happen often). We went to the Pearl District in Portland, and hit the streets. Shopping, walking, laughing...hand in hand. It was so enjoyable.

When walking made us thirsty, we would pop into a favorite pub and quench our thirst with a micro brew while dreaming up future vacations.

On our walk we stumbled upon this place:

It's called Cargo, a kind of Indie-inspired flea market.

Lots of things to look at; however, my favorite was their eclectic railing at the entrance.

So much color and character!

And of course I couldn't just walk right by my favorite store without paying respect.

Love how Anthropologie designers created a loft here by suspending one platform bed above the other. Note the railing turned on end to serve as the "ladder".

Who wouldn't want top bunk in this room???

Love all of the texture and color!

And quirkiness.

Did you know that chevron are in????

In Denim!

After shopping, we checked into our room and headed out for dinner at Henry's.

I will be dreaming of this meal for quite some time-delicious!

I had a fresh herb and danish blue cheese top sirloin steak, paired with a crispy potato cake, and swiss chard & shiitake mushroom skillet hash. Mmmmm.

Did I mention this place has over 100 beers on tap?

Poor bartenders practically need a map!

To end the night, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and the Barrel Room!

Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome Home Wednesday #1

Today I am starting a weekly blog topic:

Welcome Home Wednesday

Featuring The Classy Coop (aka The Money Pit)

In this picture you can kind of see the garage doors-I love them! Oh, and you can also see the high chair on the front porch, we don't really make the baby eat outside...just getting rid of baby gear :-(

Many people have asked to see our home, and after the challenging journey we had to take to get this far, it only seems fitting to set aside a special day of the week to highlight what we Frankus family members refer to as our Classy Coop, aka "The Money Pit".

A quick recap for those of you who haven't heard the story (please feel free to skip over this if you've heard/read it before):

In 2007, my husband and I decided to get back to our small-town roots and purchase a 100 year old home (scratch that, fixer) in the quaint town of Molalla, Oregon. We currently owned a very nice home in a subdivision, but both of us were feeling the walls closing in on us. With the housing market hot at the time, we purchased the fixer with plans of dropping the equity of our perfectly good home into improvements. Little did we know, the housing market would flop within the month after our purchase, leaving our one income family with two mortgages. Skip forward 3 years over all of the extra expenses, surprises (driving up to a shadow box-only 3 walls standing and no roof) and battles, and alas we are home sweet home!

Here is a photo of our home when we purchased it in 2007:

My husband and I had were constantly struggling to meet in the middle during this remodel. My goal was to maintain the character and integrity of the old farmhouse, and his was to make it efficient, durable and practical....oh and did I mention we were on a tight budget?

We were able to save all of the original columns and corbels for the front deck-Yay!

One thing we did have to change was the siding material. My husband really wanted the easy maintenance of the Hardiplank lap siding, but I was afraid it would make it look too much like all of the new homes being built...so we compromised and instead of going with the 6.75" reveal we got the 4" reveal giving it more of a shiplap siding look.

Here we are as the proud new owners...I laugh as I type this because we had no idea what the next few years would entail.

I wanted to start outside and work our way in. As you can see, we still have a lot to do. This summer our goals include finishing the picket fence, painting it, getting gates up to keep our littles safe, sprinkler system, a yard, and the beginnings of some landscaping/flower beds. I envision a full and whimsical cottage garden, but know it's going to be years in the making.

This is the view from our front door. Our house sits just off the road and our little slice of heaven extends via pasture to one side, and down a hill off the back to a little creek.

This is the view I wake to every morning. A stately lilac bush that smells incredible when the winds sweep through, and an open field that I would love to run through.

This is directly off of the backside of the house. My husband added this deck, and I am so excited for all of the summer dining we will do here. In the distance you can see the log mill. We weren't quite sure about it at first, but now that we are here we love it! The sun comes up over Mt. Hood in the morning and rests atop the stacked logs making them look like an artistic sculpture. All day long, we have the hum of mill as background noise.

Next week I will invite you inside, where we'll take it one room at a time. I am hoping to share before and after photos and explain any special projects/techniques we used. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm thinking of eventually turning this into a linky party so that we can all share in decorating/remodeling ideas.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farm Chicks 2011

The annual Farm Chicks show is just around the corner and I can almost taste it!

Spokane County Fair and Expo Center

404 N. Havana Street, Spokane Valley, Washington

Saturday, June 4th: 10am-6pm
Sunday, June 5th: 10am-4pm

This stay-at-home mom (who in 5 years has yet to take a ladies weekend), is so excited to be breaking away for two whole nights to take part in the vintage wonderland the vendors are busily planning for us eager shoppers.

Since deciding to take a break from junking (from a business standpoint) so that I can focus on my handmade goods, I have really been missing the hunting, and staging process.
I know that for now, the decision is best for myself and for my family; however, I also know that when I enter the show there is going to be a slight feeling of, "What was I thinking?"
I'm sure I will get over it as I drool over the many treasures and beautiful displays.

On my list of things to purchase is a unique, chippy desk for our office. Our office sits right off the front door, and has been the unloading/storage room since we moved in. My husband says it's embarrassing to have guests walk in and be greeted by a hodge-podge room (a little hard to hide, as the door is half glass). He is soooo right, and if I read him correctly, that means, go shopping and decorate that room!

How about you?

Will I see you there? It is always so fun to meet blog friends in person, and actually put a face to the name!

Is there anything you have been on the lookout for?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Staging for Sweet Country Photography Portrait Studio

In the small town of Turner, Oregon you wont find much more than an elementary school and swimming pool. However, there is one thing you are sure to find, an adorable boutique owned by the sweetest gal you could ever hope to meet. Not only is Danielle Adams kind-hearted, she is the Jane of all trades! With help from her hubby, she has turned what used to be the town post office into a shop where you can purchase a gift, get your hair done, and tan all in one super cute place. A few months ago, Danielle asked me to tackle transforming the front room into a Portrait Studio, ideas started flying and we are now officially "Under Construction"!

Yes, that would be an empty BL Lime bottle, and yes, it would be mine....that's how we roll around here :-)

I picked up this antique sofa for free on CL and am giving it a faux Anthro-upholstery job.

Burlap, old buttons, hanging threads, exposed whip-stitching....so excited!

Here is a shot of her backside. The darker colored burlap is original and is amazing. The original plan was just to strip down to the burlap, only the material has worn so much over the years that there wasn't much between the fabric and the springs and we didn't want wee ones getting stuck...hence the new burlap. I'm just going right on over the existing fabric.

Here she is at the end of the BL Lime, I mean, the work session. Still have a little ways to go, but we are getting there.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Blogger by The Farrier Himself~#2

**For those of you who don't know my father, let me preface his guest post by saying that he is a jokester, a funny guy, he is the founder of sarcasm. His writing reflects his exuberant personality that he is well known for.

Hey again from the farrier part of The Farrier's Daughter. After shaking and squeezing the creative juices into the form of a rustic bird house, I was shamed into retreat-nary a bird showed interest. It couldn't have been the design. What wouldn't like a dwelling tacked together with horseshoe nails and junk wood? It was time for a change in venue. My granddaughter needed a bird house for her birthday present. We'll see how fussy the nut hatches are in Molalla town.

Image Here

Since our bird feeder is a revolving door of chirps, squawks, beaks and feathers I thought I'd give housing one more try. Shoeing season warms up with the weather so time is short. This project has to be no frills and efficient. A pull of Gatorade from Lindsey's cloth-clad flask (see the shop), fortifies my will and genius triumphs.

Image Here

A chunk of 5" plastic fence with factory cap, a hole, wood base, and boom! I'm done!
It takes longer to refill the flask with Kool Aid than it does to build the bird castle. Site placement takes a little longer, and is thirsty work. Installation time coincides with refilling the flask with apple juice and the job is completed.

Image Here

The chickadees have moved in and the mayor of Birdville has ordered an entire subdivision of houses for friends and family. I'm so excited I'm refilling the flask with non-alcoholic whisky to celebrate. "Don't soil my handiwork," my daughter informs me, "because you are paying for the next flask!" I'm not worried because I'm making my own flask covers out of the rear pocket of my old Wrangler jeans. Her cute, girly flasks are for the birds.

Image Here

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luke's Local Artists Charity Event

I am honored to announce that I will be one of many amazing local artists on display at Luke's Local Artists Charity Event.

Nine-year old Luke Jensen was a young man who valiantly fought AML leukemia for three years before his death in May 2010. His passion and zest for life, family, friends (and Legos) continue to inspire us all.

On Saturday June 11, 2011 2600 Strange Ave will host an event in his honor that combines creative, artistic activities for children in the afternoon with an event that evening featuring local Portland artists, two critically acclaimed Portland bands, beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres to raise money in support of the Children's Cancer Association, Children's Healing Art Project and Providence Cancer Research Center; three organizations that did so much for Luke during his battle with cancer.

Come celebrate Luke's legacy at this unique event fostering an environment of creativity, vitality and community!

Here is a little glimpse into what is going on inside my head as I prepare for this event...

image: Apartment Therapy

image: Anthropologie

Country Living

I will be bringing lots of jewelry perfect for summer.

It wouldn't be a proper Farrier's Daughter apperance without the rusty, tin walls.

Cowgirl Canteens will be front and Center.

Planning on using lots of natural elements.

If you live in the Willamette Valley and are free June 11, please consider attending this special event.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Anthropologie+Head Buyer=Big Surprise!

Say the words Anthropologie to any young woman and she instantly grins from ear to ear. In fact, if she is a true fan, the corners of her mouth started perking up before you even finish the word. Anthro. This store had me at hello. I will never forget my first time…Santa Barbra, CA, a kind of split level loft, great windows, and a mix of eclectic and cheery goods that left me dreaming of the day I could return. Unfortunately, Santa Barbra was only a vacation, and I would soon return to my broke college days in an Anthro-less Oregon.

Luckily for me though, we now have two within an hour’s drive from my home. You know how in the old- school cartoons when someone fell in love, their eyes morphed into hearts? That is what happens to me when I walk into an Anthropologie store….(oh, and also when the catalog comes to my door, can’t forget the beauty in print). I become engulfed with the great design, nod to a character-rich past, and want to breathe in the freshness of the colors.

I still haven’t decided if my infatuation is driven by the fact that things are waaaaaay high priced for a frugalista like me, or if the merchandise and displays would pull me in with the same great strength regardless. It doesn’t matter really. It is a beautiful place where many young women are able to enjoy the flea market finds while feeling like they are at shopping at Nordy’s. Not that Anthro is like Nordstrom, but that you can get the vintage without the hunt (which for some of us, let’s face it, is where it’s at).

I read about Anthropologie, look at a ginormous amount of photos, I study Anthro. Is that nerdy? Hmm, maybe a little. Here is my latest finding that left me a little taken aback. Did you know that the head buyer of Anthropologie is a…..ummmm….a…uh….MAN! I am in no way shape or form a feminist (no offense to those of you who are, I’m just not), but really? A man? For a store who is, “…geared to delight the fashionable, educated, and creative woman, aged 30 to 45.” Before I react (ok, maybe it’s a little too late for that), I will need to mill this over. I am in a state of shock. I am sure that Mr. Keith Johnson is a super guy, and clearly he does his job magnificently, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little duped. What else are you hiding from us????

Oh, and to Keith Johnson, kind sir, if you ever decide to sell some wonderfully handcrafted flasks in your stores…you know where to find me ;-)


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