Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Strawberry Patch Goods at the TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale~Vendor Spotlight

Meet Christy Stone, owner of the Strawberry Patch
(an artsy line for you and me)!

I had the privilege of getting to know her when she came to visit me a couple of years ago. And while you wont actually be able to meet her at the TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale (this sweet girl calls Tennessee home), she has sent a package of her bold and unique hand towels! They will be up for grabs Saturday, December 7 from 4-8.

Follow Along with The Strawberry Patch:

Since Christy can't be here, let me tell you a little about her and her baby business (she has three adorable kiddos that might not appreciate that reference). The Strawberry patch started as what she calls a, "glorified garage sale"out of her home...well, her garage to be specific. She would deck it out, roll up the door, and let the colorful goods spill out into the driveway for shoppers delight. After many sales, she began to outgrow the space and has since moved her show to her family's farm. It is beautiful, and perfect, I hope that one day I will get the chance to fly down and experience one first hand.


Christy is well known for giving vintage chairs a breath of fresh air.
Like her towels, they are very unique-no two are ever the same.
Tired of getting a new piece of furniture only to learn that someone you know has the exact one?
Look no further!
With Christy's masterpieces, you are sure to have a show-stopper that only you will own.

More Strawberry Patch goodies include pillows, and lamp shades.
I know, "When does this woman ever sleep?"
All I can say is that she is a woman following her passions and dreams, and when you have dialed in on these things, when you know who you are and what you want, no loss of sleep is going to stand in the way. 
Creativity is in her blood, her mind, and soul.

One of the greatest things about Christy and The Strawberry Patch is that her creations truly represent who she is. She doesn't sit down to make things that she thinks other people would like, she creates things that she likes, and the end result is a piece full of color and happiness.

Take for example the photo below.
This was the package I received from Christy.
I was so giddy when I opened it up, and instantly sent her a text thanking for the, 
"Package of Happiness".

I've already picked out my favorite one (which is tough because they are all great).
I'll leave the rest for shoppers at the TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale.

So come out and see us:

TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale
Saturday, December 7, 2013
15011 S. Vaughan Rd. 
Molalla, OR 97038 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jamie Welle Designs at the TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale~Vendor Spotlight

I am very excited to announce that Mrs. Jamie Welle, of Jamie Welle Designs will be contributing to our upcoming TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale! Please join us December 7, from 4:00-8:00pm where you will be able to shop some of Jamie's handmade goods. Can't make it to the sale? Find her online at her Etsy shop Jamie Welle Designs. To follow Jamie on her journey and be notified of new product, find her on facebook too (jest click the Jamie Welle Designs or facebook links)!

Meet the Maker:

Jamie graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design. After working briefly in the design industry (specifically bridal), she got married and decided to start a family. As a result, she chose to take a more "family friendly" job at West Linn High School. After 7 years of working with high school students and taking side custom design jobs & alterations, she came to the conclusion that she needed to stay home with her 3 young boys. She's been home with her boys (who are currently 6, 5, & 3) now for the past year and a half and has finally come full circle, and back to her love for design. She started making items for her children, herself, & gifts for family. As word spread that she was creating again she started producing some of her favorite and most requested items and selling them on-line. She creates all of her own patterns and sews/constructs each one of her items. She is all about unique handmade items that are functional, fun, & fashionable!

TFD Handpicked Holiday Sale
Saturday, December 7, 2013
15011 S. Vaughan Rd. 
Molalla, OR 97038


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