Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Super Easy DIY Industrial Toilet Paper Holder Tutorial

You ready for this?
It's easy. Super easy!
Here we go....

Industrial Toilet Paper Holder Tutorial

Start by heading to your local hardware store. 
You are going to want to find the plumbing section...just follow the guy whose pants are revealing the upper portion of his buttocks and he'll most likely lead you right to it. 
Ha! No, kidding, don't do that. 

If you need to ask for help, you are looking for galvanized pipe. 
I find that the help at hardware stores (especially if you are a woman) is always top notch. 
So don't be afraid to ask.

You will most likely find an isle with some really long sticks of pipe standing upright and a bunch of small bins holding different size/lengths of smaller sticks of pipe and fittings. 

Here is your shopping list:
1/2" Floor Flange (it's round, kind of flat, and has a hole 1/2" in diameter in the center)
1/2" x 2" Galvanized pipe (again 1/2" diameter and 2" in length)
1/2" Galvanized Elbow (look for the macaroni shaped piece)
1/2" x 6" Galvanized Pipe 
1/2" Galvanized Cap
1 package of Walldog screws (this isn't in the plumbing section)
Walldog screws are a screw and anchor in one, so you don't have to worry about going straight into the drywall when you hang this beauty. 

Once you have gathered all of your supplies, set them out and begin assembly.

Start with the floor flange and shortest (2") stick of pipe. 
Screw them together as tightly as you can. Use wrenches if you are an overachiever and want to get it super snug, but I used my hands and it's worked just fine. Come to think of it, my husband always says I have a problem with, "man handling" things, so maybe I have some super strength. 

Ok, moving on. 

Now it's time to grab the elbow piece, and screw it into the 2" pipe.
Once that is secure, add the 6" stick to the the other end of the elbow and fasten.
Lastly, take the cap and screw it onto the exposed end of the 6" pipe to polish it off.

For hanging, I used four Walldog anchor/screws and going through the four vacant holes on the floor flange, drilled them into place.

I also folded the toilet paper all fancy like the hotels do just for you! 
For the record, this was the first and last time I will be doing anything fancy with toilet paper. 
And to my husband, just in case you read this....
Creating animals out of towels is also out of the question :-)

Here are a few other ways I've used Galvanized Pipe:

 Legs for my little kitchen desk.

This shelving unit for Salon Mecca.

A rustic bookshelf for my husband's office (DIY found here)

A paper towel holder for my kitchen (tutorial found here)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! 

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