Saturday, January 26, 2013

New mustache flasks...for MEN & a t-shirt in the works!

Ever since I came up with the idea for the Cowgirl Canteen,
the men in my life (husband, brothers, friends) have been bugging me to come up with a flask fit for a manly- man...alas, I have answered! 

So go ahead boys, 
Put a Little Hair on your Chest...or your flask!

These would also be perfect flasks for groomsmen gifts!
It's like killing two birds with one photo prop.

And for the t-shirt...
Well, while it might be a bit on the crude side...

(in the words of Larry the Cable Guy)
I don't care who you are-that's funny!

*Mustache flasks will hit the online shop soon!

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  1. Those flasks are awesome!! Also I just found your blog and the name of it really caught my eye first!!! My dad was a farrier full time for 20+ years but now he just does it on the side. I have to say it's always interesting to find someone who actually knows what a farrier is :) I really look forward to following your blog!



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